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Who we are

We are active citizens aiming at the radical and measurable transformation of living standards and quality of life for the residents Kythira and Antikythira.
We are conscious citizens who are fully aware that nothing will change if we don’t first change ourselves.
We are a diverse group of people united by the love and pure care for our islands. Our common belief is that our islands not only have to, but also can change their destiny and get a new life.
We direct our invitation to everyone to share our thoughts. To exchange ideas. To join forces to instigate positive radical change for our islands. Through honest dialogue and maximum possible participation. We are seeking a synthesis of ideas as a result of honest and open dialogue. We are aiming at common understanding and collaboration with everyone who genuinely cares about Kythira and Antikythira. 

Our vision

Our vision is to make Kythira and Antikythira an exemplary case for sustainable development and prosperity. A place which will attract people to live and prosper, enjoying all the goods and services available in the modern world. A place combining exceptional natural environment with culture, tradition, and sustainable economic development throughout the year. A place which will successfully deal with the tragic impacts of climate change we are already facing. And which will eventually set the foundations for the reversal of local population decline.

To materialize our vision, we are proposing 3+1 strategic pillars for action, to be discussed among our fellow Kytherians and Antikytherians.

1. Sustainable – productive development

Our islands productive activities are continuously dwindling. With few exceptions, we have reached a point of importing almost everything, including e.g., agricultural products which in the past were traditionally a strength of the local economy. There is no future for our islands unless this trend is reversed, and the productive part of our economy is drastically strengthened. This will in turn create permanent and well-paid job positions and eventually lead to an increase of our productive population. 

Many are questioning whether this is the Municipal Council’ (Dimotiko Symvoulio) and the Mayor’s job. Our answer is that every modern Municipal council and Mayor should undertake actions and initiatives for everything and anything pertinent to the wellbeing of citizens. Even more so in this case, as there are already existing legally established potential support organizational structures which the current Administration has ignored. 

2. Strategic plan for our islands’ infrastructure

Both the productive development as well as the daily life in our islands demand the establishment and proper operation of critical infrastructures. The needs and possibilities of these are continuously evolving following the technological progress and capabilities. It is vital that the Municipal council continually tracks and strives to implement the best solutions for these infrastructures, including ensuring funds for financing their implementation and operation. But the most vital part is that the Municipality develops and follows a long-term plan for infrastructure development based on the real needs of the islands and its citizens and not on sometimes dubious choices proposed by others through questionable “secret” procedures.

3. Improvement of the living and working conditions with people at the center

Economic development and infrastructures mean very little unless they ensure the drastic improvement of the residents’ (and visitors’) lives. We firmly believe the general economic development will help in this but, in any case, dedicated Municipality effort is vital for the development (in consultation with all Kytherians) and implementation of the necessary interventions.

+1. New Ethos for the Kythira – Antikythira Municipality

The strategic pillars outlined above are not an easy task. And of course, it is not a matter of the single 4/5 years term of the Municipal Council, although we plan to put the “train on the rails” from our first term. However, we firmly believe that what will really make a difference, both in the development as well as the implementation of our activities is a totally different approach by our “All Together” (Oloi Mazi) team in the Municipality administration.

An approach which places the resident at the center and ensure accountability and transparency. And, maybe most importantly, encourages and motivates for the active participation of the residents in the Kythira - Antikythira matters.

The democratization of the Municipal Council and Mayor mode of operation is central to our commitment.

Let's go together!

We invite you to contribute with your participation in a final development plan which will truly change our islands, putting aside today’s arrogant behaviors as well as actions that marginalize any major developmental initiative.

The leading candidate

Zacharias Souris

Born and raised in Kythira, Zacharias Souris has studied Business Administration and Tourist Management and has a long working experience in the Tourist Industry. He is now professionally active in local business in Kythira.

Our candidates

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Our manifesto framework

Read and elaborate on our Municipal Elections manifesto and contribute to the programme development which will change our islands for the better. You can submit your ideas via direct contact with us

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