Manifesto framework for the Municipality elections (Dimotikes ekloges) – October 2023

Who we are

We are active citizens aiming at the radical and measurable transformation of living standards and quality of life for the residents Kythira and Antikythira.

We are conscious citizens who are fully aware that nothing will change if we don’t first change ourselves.

We are a diverse group of people united by the love and pure care for our islands. Our common belief is that our islands not only have to, but also can change their destiny and get a new life.

We direct our invitation to everyone to share our thoughts. To exchange ideas. To join forces to instigate positive radical change for our islands. Through honest dialogue and maximum possible participation. We are seeking a synthesis of ideas as a result of honest and open dialogue. We are aiming at common understanding and collaboration with everyone who genuinely cares about Kythira and Antikythira.

Our vision

Our vision is to make Kythira and Antikythira an exemplary case for sustainable development and prosperity. A place which will attract people to live and prosper, enjoying all the goods and services available in the modern world. A place combining exceptional natural environment with culture, tradition, and sustainable economic development throughout the year. A place which will successfully deal with the tragic impacts of climate change we are already facing. And which will eventually set the foundations for the reversal of local population decline.

To materialize our vision, we are proposing 3+1 strategic pillars for action, to be discussed among our fellow Kytherians and Antikytherians. Both before but also after the elections. With the purpose of forming and activating a plan for the long-term sustainable development of our islands. We welcome all creative comments and builds (provided their feasibility), including ideas that are opposed to ours. We believe that we can collectively progress only through the reconciliation of diverse views.

Strategic pillars for the development of Kythira and Antikythira

1. Sustainable – productive development

Our islands productive activities are continuously dwindling. With few exceptions, we have reached a point of importing almost everything, including e.g., agricultural products which in the past were traditionally a strength of the local economy. There is no future for our islands unless this trend is reversed, and the productive part of our economy is drastically strengthened. This will in turn create permanent and well-paid job positions and eventually lead to an increase of our productive population.

Many are questioning whether this is the Municipal Council’ (Dimotiko Symvoulio) and the Mayor’s job. Our answer is that every modern Municipal council and Mayor should undertake actions and initiatives for everything and anything pertinent to the wellbeing of citizens. Even more so in this case, as there are already existing legally established potential support organizational structures which the current Administration has ignored.

The basic sub-pillars of the sustainable productive development are:

  • Support for the primary sector (agriculture) of our economy with the establishment, staffing and activation of an “Office for Agricultural Development” acting as a strategic support for the production process as well as the marketing and commercial activities of local farmers. Our immediate target is to staff the office with a veterinarian and an agronomist, a decades long request by our farmers. The contribution of these scientists will aid towards production improvement and attraction of new / young people to invest in our agricultural sector.
  • Development of a support framework for the standardization of local agricultural practices and commercialization - all the way to (select) end consumers worldwide - to drastically increase domestic added value. In parallel, development and support of new activity areas e.g., sustainable / organic agricultural practices, herbs production and standardization, medicinal plants, systematic organic production of famous local products e.g., Mitata peaches etc.
  • Development of a unified umbrella brand covering the entire local produce (food and local artifacts) and development of production, processing, standardization, and Marketing framework. This can take the form of partnership between Collectives, Individuals, and companies as well as the local council and strategic partners with experienced in these activities. An example of this is the Chios paradigm with Masticha shops. Within this framework, every producer – adhering to the agreed standards - will be able to promote their production either through the partnership company or the collectives.
  • Rapid implementation of critical infrastructure projects related to the Agri sector. Immediate implementation of the Communal Slaughterhouse which will give rise to development opportunities for animal production and related business (dairy etc.)
  • Integrated “Energy Transition” plan with actions for supporting local citizens and businesses through controlled local energy production (via the activation and further expansion of the Energy Community). We will ensure that the Green Energy to be produced in Kythira, will stem from the Kytherians and local organizations, with respect for the environment, local traditions, and natural beauty of our land, as opposed to funds and large energy companies which tend to destroy the local environment and undermine communities, for the sake of profit.
  • Finally, creation and activation of a strategic plan for sustainable and high added value touristic development which will be based on and enhance the experience of, not only the islands’ natural beauty, but also our cultural heritage. There are examples in action (Kythira Trails, bike rides, excursions, air club activities, religion-related tourism, gastronomical activities etc.) but they need the decisive support of the Municipality to truly blossom. Currently, the Touristic Committee of the Municipality, is in fact inactive and decorative. However, it can and will play a critical role through radical transformation and upgrading, which we are committed to instigate. And we plan to charge the task of the Touristic development on one of the Vice-Mayors with specific targets and commitments.

Highlighting some of the (Sustainable) Tourist action plan activities

  • Expansion of the touristic period attracting groups of National and other teams for their preparation / training exploiting the mild weather, appropriate layout of the land and hosting infrastructures
  • Medical, and religious tourism activities with interconnecting actions to the local attractions and cultural heritage.
  • Support for alternative tourism, which is key strategic thrust for its development, including Kythira trail routes, gorges, sea routes, traditional villages, ancient villages, the island habitat, and fishing activities.
  • Development and activation of a strategic Touristic development plan as the basis for the next 5 years aiming and strengthening Kythira and Antikythira as a tourist destination.
  • Support for the gastronomical activities in conjunction with agrotourism and emphasis on the local produce

2. Strategic plan for our islands’ infrastructure

Both the productive development as well as the daily life in our islands demand the establishment and proper operation of critical infrastructures. The needs and possibilities of these are continuously evolving following the technological progress and capabilities. It is vital that the Municipal council continually tracks and strives to implement the best solutions for these infrastructures, including ensuring funds for financing their implementation and operation. But the most vital part is that the Municipality develops and follows a long-term plan for infrastructure development based on the real needs of the islands and its citizens and not on sometimes dubious choices proposed by others through questionable “secret” procedures.

Our basic Infrastructure directions are:


  • Long term road and related activities plan so that we cover the development needs of the islands (and not any other foreign needs). Transformation of the Sustainable Urban mobility Plan (SBAK) and step by step redevelopment of all our villages
  • Active participation of the Municipality in the Local Plan (Local Urban Planning) so that conditions for sustainable development are established, including the necessary land uses for the current the future needs of the islands.
  • Integrated water management plan including the underground aquifer, the watering network, and the recycling of water via the waste effluents treatment plants (for use in agricultural activities). Perhaps most importantly undertake actions to enhance the underground aquifer for better water containment and collection with actions like replanting and mini water dams.
  • Enhancement of the electricity and telecommunications infrastructure by putting pressure on relevant central authorities and companies so that Kythira becomes and even more attractive destination for new type visitors (remote workers). And in additions the digital capabilities of the local companies are enhanced while new type of highly qualified workers are attracted
  • Finally, enhancement of the strategic infrastructures of the airport (with its expansion / upgrading), the Ports and the Marinas so that both safety and reliability are strengthened but also new business activities are created (tourist boats servicing, boats supply, air tourism)

3. Improvement of the living and working conditions with people at the center

Economic development and infrastructures mean very little unless they ensure the drastic improvement of the residents’ (and visitors’) lives. We firmly believe the general economic development will help in this but, in any case, dedicated Municipality effort is vital for the development (in consultation with all Kytherians) and implementation of the necessary interventions.


The basic direction on which we plan to deploy the Municipal Council actions are: 


  • Decisive support of the cultural and athletic activities of the Kythira Municipality, including that activation of the Cultural Organization which in the last few years is inactive.
  • Support for the local / village activities in cultural and athletic initiatives with rapid implementation of the relevant infrastructures (Potamos football field, Friligkianika field, Viaradica field, Potamos Theatre etc.). And in parallel development of new, highly necessary facilities (e.g., Multi use Cultural Centre with multiple capabilities like Cinema, Exhibition, music hall etc.)
  • Exploitation of empty Communal (Municipal, EEPKA (Kythira and Antikythira property Committee), Trifylleion foundation etc.) buildings for hosting local activities of cultural and athletic nature, and in addition potentially new “Small enterprises” e.g., “Digital Nomads”. Examples are the old Agia Pelagia School, Communal shop in Potamos, Communal House in Tsikalaria, Old Hospital building etc.)
  • Interventions for the support of the primary health services and the full staffing of the Kythira Hospital, Incentives for doctors / health workers to relocate to Kythira. For example, development of housing support e.g., refurbishing the communal Tsikalaria house and other available housing buildings, Pressure on the Ministry of Health to fill all the established positions in the Hospital, Establishment of hemodialysis infrastructure (machinery and relevant staff) which will both help regular visitors and attract new ones (health tourism). o In addition, creation of Blood Bank which will enhance the services / operations performed in the Hospital.

+1. New Ethos for the Kythira – Antikythira Municipality

The strategic pillars outlined above are not an easy task. And of course, it is not a matter of the single 4/5 years term of the Municipal Council, although we plan to put the “train on the rails” from our first term. However, we firmly believe that what will really make a difference, both in the development as well as the implementation of our activities is a totally different approach by our “All Together” (Oloi Mazi) team in the Municipality administration.

 An approach which places the resident at the center and ensure accountability and transparency. And, maybe most importantly, encourages and motivates for the active participation of the residents in the Kythira - Antikythira matters.


The democratization of the Municipal Council and Mayor mode of operation is central to our commitment. Contrary to the current authoritarian style administration which is based on the principle “I have the majority and I decide”, and which led to the lack of any real dialogue and democratic consensus, our approach aims at:


  • .
  • Maximum possible consensus and alignment on common goals through democratic procedures everywhere (Kythira-Antikythira Municipality council, Village Councils). Procedures of real open dialogue and alignment with the village communities
  • Opening all activities of the Municipal Council and EEPKA to the citizens so that everyone knows everything about decisions, actions, and commitments, including investments and usage of infrastructures via an at least annual public consultation (and course correction)
  • Finally, permanent, and continuous presence of our elected councils (Municipal and village) members in the daily life in our islands so that they can get live feedback in their decision making.


The basic thoughts above are our firm commitments as far as the strategic directions are concerned. They form the basis on which the Municipal action plan will be developed.

The steps we will follow are:

1. Holistic review of the undertaken activities by the previous administration. Whatever good exists we will preserve. If necessary, we will apply improvements within the framework of our broader strategy. Our Unmovable objective is to Build,  not  to destroy whatever good has been done.

2. Formation of a Long-Term Strategic Development Plan for Kythira / Antikythira (based on the EU template / paradigm). This plan, through open consultation will form the basis for the long-term development and implementation of the Kythira / Antikythira Administration. Critical objective of the plan is the attraction of new / young people from Greece and abroad (e.g., Australia) to relocate to Kythira.

3. Open consultations within all local / village communities to present, listen and integrate new ideas in our plans.

4. Approval of the new plan by the Kythira / Antikythira Municipal Council in open discussion with the participation of the local (village) councils and our citizens. This will form the basis for our term programmes (e.g., Technical Programme)


Let's go together!

We invite you to contribute with your participation in a final development plan which will truly change our islands, putting aside today’s arrogant behaviors as well as actions that marginalize any major developmental initiative.