Message from Zacharias Souris

Υποψηφίου Δημάρχου Κυθήρων και Αντικυθήρων και επικεφαλής της παράταξης «Όλοι Μαζί»

Dear Friends and compatriots

With high sense for the responsibility, unwavering dedication on principles and values and inexhaustible love for our islands I participate in the forthcoming Municipal elections as a candidate for the Mayor role heading the “All Together” (Oloi Mazi) party.

We all know very well that our islands have ceased developing, despite the rhetoric about “major projects” and “Lots of funds” from the central and Attica regional support. Proof of that is the significant, around 10% population decline within the last decade. And this is mainly due to two factors:

1. The available funds rate of realization / implementation is minimal, and indication of the (current administration) inability and ineffectiveness and,

2. Most projects are not integrated in a coherent development plan and as a result they do not instigate and development!  

The absolute absence of any long-term vision for the future, the lack of a strategic development plan for our islands, and the lack of any care for the quality of life of our residents are evident to each and every one in Kythira and Antikythira

The flood of announcements and Facebook articles by the departing Mayor, Facebook on everything including secondary topics, cannot hide the fact about the current Municipal Administration ineffectiveness.

And we experience this in our everyday life.

  • Water shortages and when water is available its quality is frequently questionable.
  • Rubbish everywhere in the villages and the road network.
  • Environmental degradation
  • Scarcity of parking spaces in the villages
  • Inadequate and unsafe roads, particularly the main central road which is unacceptably narrow and below the necessary safety standards.

A long list of problems which have remained untouched for the last 9 years of the current administration.

Kythira and Antikythira are tired to experience the ineffectiveness, egotism as well as the authoritarianism and arrogance emanating from the current Municipal Administration

Our islands need a different, new, Municipal Administration, with competent people who will deal and solve these problems!!!

We need a new Administration which will put the residents and the center of its interests.

A Municipal Administration committed to establish absolute transparency in EVERY of its decisions and actions.

A Municipal Authority which will consult with the local communities for its actions and will account for all its activities every year.

A Municipal authority which will base its actions on absolutely democratic processes to make all decisions based on genuine consultations with the entire consort of our elected officials.

A Municipal Authority which will set priorities to fully satisfy the needs of our residents.

Finally, a Municipal Authority which will use every Euro at its disposal for the creation of modern instrastructures reflecting the needs and challenges of our evolving future.

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow cannot wait. Our citizens and residents, above all our young people, cannot watch opportunities getting lost and projects of urgent priority ignored. This is why Kythira and Antikythira are changing course in October. Changing page. Moving forward. Becoming part of the future. Support and vote for the “ALL TOGETHER” party which I have the honor and privilege to lead and ask for your contribution.

ALL TOGETHER we are making a new start.

We vote for development with quality of life and prosperity for everyone.

We leave behind ineffectiveness, big words, authoritarianism, and arrogance.

We put an end to yesterday and ALL TOGETHER we move forward top really change our islands.

Future is ours to conquer, it is down to us.

Zacharias Souris

Mayor Candidate

Head of the ALL TOGETHER (OLOI MAZI party)


About Zacharias

I was born in Potamos Kythiron where I spent by childhood and teenage years.


I graduated from the General Kythira Lyceum and continued my higher studies in the following subjects and institutions:

Business and Organizational Administration” at the Greek Open University

“Tourist Management" at the Le Monde IEK

“Business Administration” at the College “International Business Management Institute”

I participated in numerous seminars, 22 in total, lasting from few weeks to 8 months covering a variety of business subjects like Private Insurance, Maritime and Aviation law, Public Relations, Modern Marketing, Statistics and Accounting. People and organizational management

I completed a series of seminars on air transport, passengers and cargo management, and transport emergencies management.

Work experience:

I have worked for several years as a manager with large companies like COBA GroupCompanys, Qatar Airways, Aviareps Hellas S.A, Skyserv Handling Services, Swissport Hellas S.A.

I worked a passengers Station Manager in the airports of Mykonos, Karpathos, Heraklion, Athens, and Kythira

Today, I work in a commercial Shop in Potamos. I manage the e-shop of the business.

Διευθύνω ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα (e-shop) γενικού εμπορίου με έμφαση στους ηλεκτρονικούς υπολογιστές και εκτυπωτές, στα κινητά τηλέφωνα και τα διάφορα εξαρτήματά τους. 

Municipality Experience:

I was elected as a member of the Municipal Council for the period of 2014-2019

Served as a member of the Tourist Committee of the Kythira Municipality during 2010-2014 and 2019-2023

Social organization participation:

Vice Chairman for the Cultural Association of Potamos 2012-2014 2012-2014

Founding member of the Kythira Aviation Club, serving today as the General Secretary of the club


English (First Certificate in English).

Italian (satisfactory level)

Few words about me:

In my entire professional life, I worked in the private sector.

I have no dependencies from any person of power centre.

I believe in teamwork and full transparency.

I intent, if the Kytherian people elect me as Mayor, to recommend the most qualified and active compatriots to staff the critical positions of the Municipality. My choices will be absolutely based on merit.